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son hey moi!


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Hey! My name is Jon. I'm one of the younger users of the site and a lover of the Mistborn series. I was introduced to these books by my friend and from that point I have read them at least five times each. I have also read Elantris and Warbreaker and want to read the rest of Brandon's books. I like learning new things like languages and so far have learned French and a little bit of German. I have already made a bunch of new friends on this site who have shown me the ropes. I also live in Utah where it seems a bunch of the staff already live. Im excited to meet you all!!!

Amis au revoir!

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Hey there Jon, great to have you aboard. You should watch out for the admins, for they'll spike you, but claim they're just offering waffles.... I dont think they realise we're on to them XD

I'm still waiting for your credit card details :P

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