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So I figured I would stop being that rude jerk who butts into conversations without ever introducing himself.


I'm Saal. I've been using this online pseudonym for about 10 years now - ever since it was randomly generated for me while making a character for Knights of the Old Republic and I thought it sounded cool. (For anyone wondering, I've never seen Breaking Bad, but I'm told one of the character's on that show has the same name.)


In terms of my BS fandom, I discovered Brandon when he took over writing the Wheel of Time and a friend of mine had already read all of his then-published works. I decided to read Elantris and I absolutely loved it so I picked up Mistborn and promptly read every book of his that I possibly could.


I've been stalking these forums since The Way of Kings release. Historically I have preferred to let others do the theorycrafting and ask questions while I eagerly read all of their posts. It's actually been somewhat like watching a TV show where I've developed opinions on my favorite "characters" and personalities so that I find myself drawn to certain topics just because a specific person posted in it or created it. lol #fanboi


I have found myself becoming increasingly interested in the Cosmere and how everything works, so I decided to make and account and start posting questions when I had them.


If you have any other questions about me feel free to ask.

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Dare we ask who you "Fanboi" over?

Also, welcome to 17S for realzies.


Thanks for the welcome! Perhaps "fanboi" was too strong of a word; it's more like I find myself nodding my head in appreciation of their posts of on a very regular basis, each for different reasons. But I think that I will probably keep the names to myself for now. :) But I generally appreciate any post that is well written, with logical arguments supported by WoB or in-text quotes and examples unless the topic simply doesn't call for them..

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