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Well, I had practically finished with a semi-in depth post in another thread when I accidentally hit the back button and lost it. However, the bottoms of the boxes as I am posting always say they are automatically saving the content at certain times. For instance, at the bottom of this box it says "Last auto saved: 8:41:51 PM." Does anyone know how I can retrieve these?

(If it was a one-time issue, I could just retype the post, but I am 83.64% sure I will manage to do this again in the near future, so I figure this could be a handy thing to know.)


Also, a philosophical dilemma: Do I blame this on Voidbringers, the Nightwatcher, or windspren? (It was on the Stormlight Archive board.)

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I honestly don't know where those are saved to. It is a mystery to me.

As a long time forumer, I highly recommend using a separate document editor to draft posts and save there. I like Google Docs because it automatically saves and has a robust revision history.

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