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Hum of the hion lines

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Decided to reread Yumi and this line in the very first chapter stuck out to me immediately, since I didn't remember this detail about the hion. I just assumed it was silent. So is the hum the rhythm of this specific Investiture or do you think there's something else going on here?

Like can you hear other forms of Investiture the same way? Does Stormlight make some kind of soft whooshing sound if you listen closely enough? Could you hear Breath while it's in the process of transferring, etc?

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On 2/4/2024 at 3:58 PM, Ninth of the Night said:

Does Stormlight make some kind of soft whooshing sound if you listen closely enough?

From Rhythm of War (Ch 76):


Raboniel sat back on her stool, but complied. Navani closed her eyes, tightening her arm sheath. It had been built as a fabrial, but she wasn’t interested in that function. All she wanted was something that would hold large gemstones and press them against her skin.

She could feel them now, cool but warming to her touch. Infused gemstones always had a tempest inside. Was there a sound to them too? A vibration …

Could she hear it in there? The tone, the rhythm? With Raboniel singing, she thought she could. She matched that tone, and felt something on her arm. The gemstones reacting—or rather the Stormlight inside reacting.

There was a beat to it. One that Raboniel’s rhythm only hinted at. Navani could sing the tone and feel the gemstones respond. It was like having a stronger singer beside her—she could adapt her voice to match. The Stormlight itself guided her—providing a control, with a beat and rhythm.

Navani added that rhythm to her tone, tapping her foot, concentrating. She imagined a phantom song to give it structure.

“Yes!” Raboniel said, cutting off. “Yes, that’s it!”

Humans are notoriously bad at hearing the tones and rhythms of investiture, except when the Investiture is specifically built for it (Mistborn and SA Spoilers)


Such as Bronze allowing Seekers to hear the Rhythms of Metals and Preservation. Virtuosity, likely due to the artistic nature of the shard, built the tones into how Hion is expressed (much like the Rhythm of Honor in Stormlight that Singers always hear, but humans have to work at hearing). 


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