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Many Forums Moved and Secret Projects Previews Forum Closed


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Hello Sharders! I've got an update for you on the state of the forums. This isn't the spoiler revamp we've been talking about for a while, but we have moved several forums to make them subforums; they're still easily accessible from the main Forums page, but there's less scrolling to do and the most used forums are emphasized. 

The Elantris, Warbreaker, White Sand, Tress, Yumi, and Cosmere Short Stories subforums can now be found under Other Cosmere in the Cosmere category. 

The Reckoners, Rithmatist, Alcatraz, and Other Stories subforums can now be found under Other Noncosmere in the Noncosmere category. 

Their spoiler policies are all still the same, they're just under a heading now. (The one exception to this is White Sand, where we merged the old White Sand Prose forum into it - you can discuss the individual graphic novels, the omnibus, the old prose, the new prose, the graphic audio, and whatever other adaptations pop up by the time I've finished typing this all in one place! :P

Unpublished Works, now Sanderson Curiosities & Unpublished Works, is now in the Related Works category (and you can go there for all your extremely active Long Chills and Case Dough discussion!). 

The SP Previews forum has been removed and all its threads moved either to Cosmere Discussion or their respective book subforums. 

The STEM forum has been removed and all its threads moved to General Discussion due to lack of activity. STEM discussion is still fine in General. 

Forum Games & Random Stuff has been moved out of General Discussion due to having a lot of activity! It's now a full forum in the Community category. 

Thanks for reading, feel free to ask questions as always, and have a nice day! 

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