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Could there be more god metals that act like atium?

Shadow of Electrum

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This is a theory that I've been coming back to for a bit now. I was thinking about how atium and its alloy have distinct properties in the metallic arts. I know all god metals shown in the series so far interact with the metallic arts, but only atium works the same as the 16 allomantic metals. That got me thinking, are there other god metals that act similarly to atium? Atium acts like a temporal metal, but both it and its alloy see into the future, which is the mark of the spiritual realm. I started thinking about these as the spiritual temporal metals, to fit with external and internal. This got me thinking, are there other god metals that could act like the spiritual component to other categories? Could the honor metal and its alloy make up a spiritual physical metal? If so, what kind of effect could it give off? Although I think this is an interesting line of thought, it does however, break the pattern of 16 pretty soundly. Despite the fact that I don't think this is that plausible, I like how Brandon's magic systems follow a set of strict rules so you can speculate possibilities like this, and I hope that sharing this idea can add to other speculations. That's all I have for my strange theory. I hope I was able to properly articulate it and that it gives you something to think about.

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There's an increasingly popular theory that the Shards themselves can be mapped to the same 16-slot grid that divides the metallic arts metals for Allomancy and Feruchemy.  If true then it's likely that each of the 16 Godmetals will have some similar thematic leanings in terms of quadrant, Internal/External and Increasing/Decreasing.  On top of that He retconned Atium specifically so that all Godmetals could be Burned by anyone without needing Misting/Mistborn, so the general intent certainly seems to be that the Metallic Arts functions will have reflections and implications in the broader Realmics.   

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