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Half A King


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Did anyone read the book? I found it to be a brilliant read, definitely my best book I've read this year( and yes I've read WoR) Its not as dark as his other books , which I really didn't like,since its targeted for YA,


What about you people, anyone read it yet??

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Have to agree with kaladamSB. It was good, but not as good as any of other books from Abercrombie. Can't really compare to WoR. On the other hand it was best YA book I've ever read. All the twists were good and I don't think there were any characters I disliked. Nothing and Yarvi were best though.

I didn't hope Nothing was Logen. I believed it at one point :D Still figured out his twist pretty soon by my standards :P Last twist was best for me and whatever your question, my answer is steel? That's pure gold right there.

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I enjoyed the book.  Good pacing throughout and it gave Abercrombie a new world to play around with.


I do agree that it isn't up to par with his other series, but this was his first attempt at a YA series, so I got to take that into consideration.


Overall, good, quick read.  I recommend it to anyone.

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Here's what I wrote about it on Goodreads:


I expected this to be a book where fantastical elements play some role. What I got was a pseudo-Viking-era adventure story, that is enjoyable and skillfully executed for what it is.

I'll keep this simple. Here's a quote from the book:


"Shall I spin a tale for you? A tale of blood and deceit, of money and murder, of treachery and power."
"The only sort I enjoy. Has it elves in it? Dragons? Trolls?"
(Character) shook (his or her) head. "People can do all the evil we'll need."
If that description interests you, then this book is one you should check out.
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I read Half the World.

I loved Thorn Bathu, especially the fight with Gorm at the end. It's Abercrombie, so you knew she wasn't going to win, but the loop hole in the prophecy gave me a little hope. Still not a disappointment though.

I also think its safe to assume that the elves were, in reality, just advanced humans. Im almost positive Skifr's elf "magic" was a pistol. Not so sure what the bangle is though.

Overall this was good. I hope to see sone Thorn and Uthil side by side fighting in the conclusion.

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