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The World of Laetus


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This is the last of the four main worlds in my fantasy universe. It’s also the least planned so bear with me.


Orbiting a bright yellow star just slightly larger than our sun, Laetus is a vibrant world. At 1.5 times the size of our earth and 1.7 times the mass, it’s a large planet. Almost exactly even in water and land, it is a perfect breeding ground for diverse ecosystems. The wildlife here is less fantastical than you’d find in other places throughout the cosmos, as magic focuses more on mankind. Humanity is consolidated to the larger of the two continents on Laetus, and has a massive population. In the bustling cities of mankind, everything is rich in color and life. Even people’s eyes are all the colors of the rainbow. Colors are magical things on Laetus, able to manipulate reality itself. But Laetus isn’t just visually alive. Sounds fill the air in a harmonic melody of nature and order. Music, too, is magical, able to control the emotions and minds of men. On Laetus, Inspiration is immortal, art is magical, and mankind is beautiful. 


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