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The World of Nexum


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So this is the world where my current work in progress takes place. I’ve been fleshing out the actual planet itself in my head so I figured I’d post it.


Orbiting a yellow star not unlike our own sun, Nexum is alone in its system, aside from its own small moon. The planet is almost identical to our own, with 1.1 times the size and almost exactly the same total mass. Nexum is mostly land, with only about 48 percent water, most of it contained in inland seas. The planet is basically a vast supercontinent with small inland oceans in a few places. There is relatively little breadth of human expansion in the modern era, with  only a few pockets of humanity dotting Nexum’s surface. The most prominent civilization, which calls itself the Grand Republic, occupies a reasonably large, relatively diverse region of land that borders the largest of the inland seas. The planet is filled with life beyond humanity, however. In its vast mountains, forests, deserts, and plains, there reside a plethora of creatures. These creatures have been molded by and connected to the environments they live in so extensively that some even have stone for skin. The most prominent feature of Nexum is the massive amount of Spirits that occupy it, fitting concepts of nature or human thought. Humanity has learned to tame these Spirits, to an extent, and has unlocked powers beyond comprehension. On Nexum, Connection is creator, metal is magic, and people can become forces of nature. Nexum is one of the most truly living places in the cosmos, despite how empty it can feel at times. The technological progress of humanity here is the greatest in the universe, and may one day propel humankind to the stars. 


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