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Publishing Short Fiction

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Hello everyone,


In Episode 9.1 Brandon mentions that the most common path for writers to break into the market is by first publishing shorter works and garnering attention before publishing their first novel. I was wondering whether there was any episode where they talked in more detail about publishing short fiction. (Maybe in one of the Microcastings?) I have listened to the publishing episodes, but they focused on full novels and I imagine that you wouldn't try to contact publishers with just a couple of short stories.


Added difficulty: I don't live in the US and I'm not familiar with any regular fiction publications.


Thanks in advance for any help / pointers.




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Check out the videos from Sanderson's Creative Writing course online here. Specifically, watch Lecture 6, he invites Eric Stone to come in and discuss his working with short fiction: successes, where to publish, how to submit, etc. Very informative, lots of info. 


Here's the first lecture to get you started!

Lecture 6.1


If this helps, let me know!

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I don't have any Writing Excuses help for you, but if you're unsure of places that you can actually submit your stories too, http://www.ralan.com/ is a great resource.  The website also has compiled links to magazines of all types (pro/semi-pro/etc.), whether they are accepting submissions, what the pay is, etc.  The site also has a number of other resources available, too, such as how to format your story in 'standard' format, and all kinds of other incredibly helpful things.  The site itself is constantly updated, and has been very useful to myself and a few friends.

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