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Battle of the Magics


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This probably already exists but I have often attempted to come up with the inarguable best Magic of the Cosmere. I've decided a tournament will most likely be the best option For each known Shardworld

These are of Course



-Sel(Dakhor, Forgery, AonDor etc) Each Character only has one of these because of it's location based stipulations

-Lumar/Taldain/Nalthis/First of the Sun(Sprouters, Sandmasters, Awakeners, Bird Bond)


A team shall be crafted with these limitations

-based on CURRENT Cosmere Happenings(As in Era 2 Mistborn; Full Mistborn would steamroll most other Magic)

-Using only Canonical interpretations of the Magic System, Although 

-This Should Probably go without Saying But NO HEMALURGY.

-For a Fair chance Sprouters of Lumar(They're Magic Users) & Sandmasters of Taldain & Awakeners of Nalthis & Bird People(?) from First of the Sun Form one Team, Threnody's Magic Doesn't Count because it's just Shades

These Teams of Champions Will Work together in Each event

Introduce Your Character to enter

**Based As of Tress of the Emerald Sea**

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name: the high royal sprouter of the verdant king

Magic: sprouting

Age: 20

Gender: male

Personality: loves experimenting with midnight spores... the last sprouter somehow perished. gray dead spores were found near the body. probably no relation.

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