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It's me!


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Greetings, everyone!


I've been reading here for a little while (about since Words of Radiance came out, actually), and I finally managed to sign up!


Basic 17th Shard Guidelines:

1. Yodel while signing up (with a shoe on your head).


3.Baseless speculation and semiapplicable randomness are appreciated.

Did I miss anything?


If you were really hoping this meeting might allow you to learn more about me,


"I have been working on an autobiography," [he] said. "Perhaps I will send you a chapter or two of it by post."

(The Alloy of Law, TOR paperback p. 52)



P.S. If anyone knows how one can get the copy of White Sands and Aether of Night,  it would be greatly appreciated. I read in another thread that you just have to email Brandon Sanderson, but I am unsure of how one would go about that (I assume it involves an email address...)


Thank you!

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Non-Cosmere is the Rithmatist. It has my personal favorite magic system (maybe that's just my math/science passion coming out), and I liked how it was more of a mystery plot. (Not liking this one would be a tragedy!)


My ultimate favorite, by far, is the Stormlight Archive. I go back and forth between The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance. It's just too amazing for words. Only eight books to go, folks!




You can email him it at his contact page




Thanks! I will do that now!

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What?! "Don't eat the cookies"?  Says who?

Not eating Cookies* a bad idea. Studies by the DA Research team show that people who eat Cookies are happier.


Don't think of it as an offer of spikes sweets, think of it as an offer of happiness.


So please, have some happiness...


there's a difference between cookies and Cookies. One is something you'd find at a bakery, the other is only offered by the Dark Alley.

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Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

Mahatma Gandhi

And, as everyone knows, spikes bring one closer to Harmony...


How did you want me to spell COOKIES? The whole word was in all caps; I guess I could have left the first letter lowercase.


And, if you haven't realized, your Dark Alley acronym is directly from Harry Potter. If we're going to do Hogwarts clubs, we don't need Dumbledore's Army, we need a CHESS CLUB!!!

With Awakened chessmen, of course.

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