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RoW: Why didn't Venli's powers get turned off/Venli get knocked out at Urithiru?


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4 hours ago, Soulcaster05 said:

Venli is still able to look into Shadesmar during RoW. How is this possible, does anyone know? Shouldn't that Surge have been switched off too?

May I ask how far you have gotten in RoW? It should be explained in the book (most detail was in Ch 67 I think), but I'll spoiler tag this in case you want to discover it if you have not yet gotten that far.


Seeing into Shadesmar is something that can be done by anybody with the Surges of Transformation or Transportation - Lightweavers, Elsecallers, Willshapers. It does not require light and was not blocked.

The inhibitor didn't as much supress Surges as it surpressed powering a Surge with Stormlight specifically (Fused use the same surges in a different way - powered by Voidlight) - and then it doesn't "turn it off" so much as make it very difficult.

  • Venli is able to power surges with Voidlight or Stormlight, because of the Voidspren in her gemheart. She cannot power her Surges with Stormlight with the inhibitor activated
  • Lift powers her surges with Lifelight (possibly Stormlight or Lifelight) and was able to push through the resistance, at least to use Regrowth
  • Kaladin uses Stormlight, but was so close to the Fourth Oath that he was able to push though with Stormlight for Adhesion (which was not fully blocked, as described by Raboniel) and a Reverse Lashing - which is a combination of Adhesion and Gravitation.

Radiants of a lesser Oath, and without access to another Light, were renderend unconsious because of the inhibitor's effect on their Nahel Bond.

Hope that helps

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