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The World of Becrux


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So this is my personal favorite of the four current worlds I’ve devised for my fantasy projects. 


A world where Desolation is divine. A world where everything can kill you. Here, volcanoes spew vibrant blue lava and deserts rage to life in sandstorms that last for weeks and can strip the very flesh from your bones. Temples are carved into stone, red obsidian spires pierce hundreds of feet into the sky, and forests of trees that can kill you with so much as a touch. Oceans rage with storms and dragons hoard riches all over the world, granting visions and gifts to men who bring fair trade. Those same men harness the raging and wild power of fire and turn it into a martial art of unrivaled beauty. On this world, life and death engage in an eternal dance. Vicious creatures stalk the night and men engage in acts of war so terrible they are beyond imagining. Yet at the same time men have uniquely human compassion, and are accompanied by creatures of unrivaled loyalty. Here, the very planet wants to kill you, yet nowhere will you find people more alive. 

That seems pretty good for improvising it. I’m considering doing this for all four of my worlds so let me know if you like the format or tell me any critiques you may have.

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