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Suggest ideas for a next book?


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I’m opening this thread as a way for people to give ideas on upcoming books. Just suggest any idea that comes to mind. Maybe a What If? Or two as well.


What if Marasi Colms lost her family? After everyone she loved had passed, including her half sister, her husband, her parents, and her other relatives in some great accident, and she became so depressed that she decided to stay in a slow bubble until Mistborn age 3, and she plays a minor role in age 3 as an old woman?


Wayne should ascend to Kelsier level

Someone in Mistborn age 3 should hear the voices of Kelsier and Wayne


Kelsier should, in a plot twist, know Wayne quite well because Wayne got to know Kel’s ghost after he died.

Kel and Wayne’s ghosts should play some sort of role in Mistborn age 3


Enjoy the ideas 😛


Update: Kelsier created a new body for himself a little after the catacendre

Kel and Wayne should still play some sort of role

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On 12/5/2023 at 4:06 PM, The Stormfather said:

Didn't wayne intentionally go to the somewhere else/vax maybe?/the beyond/ spiritual realm/ home of the one(Don't the iriali call it that? No? well they should.)

He did pass into the Beyond, yeah. Which, if you're brainstorming fic ideas, you could retcon! But as for canon, he can't come back. 

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