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Cosmere Strike Team


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So i've been working on a game that's somewhat like Marvel crisis protocol. So far i have the base rules and a few characters from the final empire and the way of kings. I've been using Legos and chess pieces as miniatures, but anything you have will work. 

I am not currently looking for feedback/correction on spelling, grammar or lore! I am,  however, looking on feedback for base mechanics of the game, and whether or not i should keep with this rule system or just use the rules of an already established game and make characters from there. 

Also just ignore the impersonator ability for know, i'm having difficulty trying to explain that one well.

Cosmere Kill Team 0.5e.pdf Cosmere Strike team - WoK.pdf Cosmere Strike team - Empire.pdf

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7 hours ago, RoyalBeeMage said:

can you explain the attacking player's side rule? it is referenced but never explained in the rules

Thanks for pointing that out! So after you declare an attack you roll some dice, the amount and type are determined by the character sheet. For example if "Kaladin Bridgeman" were to make an attack the type of dice would be a D8 and he would roll two of them (�2/0). Let's say that Kaladin was attacking Szeth, Szeth has a defense of 3/6 meaning that he has defence of 3 against melee and defence 6 against ranged. So if Kaladin rolled a 3 and a 5 he would score two hits and Szeth would lose two health.

I hope this clarifies things and i'll work on adding this to the rulebook. 

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