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Sunlit Man Reading Order

Captain Comet

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8 hours ago, Captain Comet said:

I’ve read Mistborn era 1 and Elantris, but not any Stormlight yet. Should I wait to read Sunlit Man or is it like Tress where it doesn’t really spoil anything?

I've recommended to my friends that they wait at least until after Oathbringer (same with SP3) and Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell. While it does not spoil anything story-wise (unlike SP3), it does contain enough references that I make sure they expect many things to not quite make sense without having that context. 

I think that if somebody makes an informed decision to read it before those "milestones" - there are few spoilers for the stories you haven't read but some referneces may be lost. 

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I always recommend reading things in order of publication whenever feasible.  While don't disagree with @Treamayne , The Sunlit Man does contain MANY Stormlight references (some of which are pretty spoilery), as well as significant MB Era 2, Shadows of Silence, and Warbreaker references.  It is definitely the most Cosmere-connected of all the Secret Projects.  No MAJOR spoilers... but do make an informed decision.

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IMO the book can be read without anything prior, but you'll get more out of it the more you've read prior

My recommendations, in order of importance to Sunlit:

Way of Kings & Words of Radiance: You need to read these so the main character makes sense and you understand the changes that have happened to them. Also, reading Sunlit before these would basically be a massive spoiler for these books.

Oathbringer: There are some other revelations here that help flesh out the main character and his abilities, relatively minor compared to the previous 2 books but still important

Mistborn Era 1 including Secret History OR Mistborn Era 2: There's a few items in Secret History and in Era 2 that is important that won't make sense without one of these 2.

Elantris: Will allow you to identify the source of a few specific items.

Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell: This will help make the setting, characters, names, and elements of technology make a bit more sense throughout the book. Note how far down the list it is, definitely not necessary to understand the story it just adds a bit of enrichment all the way through

Rhythm of War: More main character development (minor), as well as some Investiture knowledge that will help make things said make a bit more sense.

Warbreaker: There's a unit of measurement used throughout the book that is fully explored in this book.

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