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Eh, hi, I guess

Inquisitor #5

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Hi, I'm new to the forums (though I've been lurking around without being a user for a while). I really enjoy Brandon's works (duh), especially Mistborn.

I'm an Aspie (I guess, whatever, I've been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome)from Sweden with an odd sense of humour and an obsession with POKéMON (and Mistborn).

If you want to adress me you can use my username or some form thereof or my real name (Samuel). Also, I'm really quite sociable, talk to me!

/Inquisitor #5

p.s. No, I'm not being controlled by Ruin, why do you ask?

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Hey there Inky (you just got nicknamed :P) great to have you here. I would warn you about Eric (Chaos) spikes, but you don't need any more, lol. Be sure to enjoy the eventual, spike encrusted, cookies :D

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I don't really care much for Ruin (definitely Honor all the way). I have no spikes (don't tell the admins). I'm just named after the original Ironeyes because my natural eyes are grey like his.

PS- I didn't get a nickname, what's up with that?

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