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Szeth and Lord Ruler Parallel - Spoiler (minor)


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In WoR, when Szeth attempted to kill Dalinar, both Dalinar and Kaladin had stabbed Szeth with their spears, but Szeth shrugged them off like they were no big deal, also taking their weapons away from them.


This is very similar to the Lord Ruler, in the first Mistborn, being stabbed twice with spears by two soldiers, but hardly even flinched.


I find this to be a very nice parallel between two books between the Cosmere.

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I'd be okay with Szeth becoming an all-powerful tyrannical ruler. Especially since he has (Spoiler) to advise him.

You mean you're not afraid of Szeth running around with you-know-what? I mean seriously, each other is the last thing those two need. Szeth's already crazy as it is.

It's going to be awesome.


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