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Frustration's Firepower Index: Canticle


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Welcome to Frustration's Firepower Index, a collection of threads giving a comprehensive analysis of each Cosmere world's combat capabilities. This thread will focus on the world of Canticle as it appears in The Sunlit Man.

Oh boy this one's a doozy. Doing these threads gets kind of hard when Brandon drops three new worlds on you, but I'm all for it.


Shards: Canticle has no known shards 0/4.5


Dawnshards: unfortunately Dawnslivers don't count, and even if they did Nomad left the world 0/1


Defenses: Canticle has no stable perpendiculaities, and the world rotates faster than people can run, exposing people to a sun hot enough to burn through powerful shields, melt rock, and overcome powerful healing. Followed by a powerful storm of wind and fire still every bit as capable of melting steel. And the planet has low atmospheric pressure making breathing difficult for those without means to adapt. 4.5/5.5


Offenses: Canticle has no stable perpendiculaities. -1/1


Natural Advantages: Canticle's low atmospheric pressure would allow for higher athletic performance off world. This must be balanced however by their staggeringly low population, that likely doesn't even reach 100,000. -1/2


Armed forces: Canticle has a mostly unified population, with rifles and laser cannons and energy bombs being developed. And there are several Charred who are highly invested fighters. 5/12


Economics and Technology: The Chorus can construct basically any machinery so long as they are provided materials, and energy is abundant with the advent of recharging Sunhearts. Hovercraft and low atmospheric travel have been developed. As has radio and jammers. 5/7.5



On World: Anything can be brought to basically anyplace on Canticle within four hours. And everyone has a hovercraft of some kind. 10/10

Off World: Off World travel is currently impossible for Canticle -3/3


Intelligence: Canticle has security cameras, and Investiture detectors. 2/10.5

Counterintelligence: Canticle has Radio Jammers. 1/9


Allies: Canticle has no allies. 0/1.


Notable uses of Investiture: Sunhearts can be used to remove unwanted pieces of people's souls. Investiture can be freely shared among Canticlians, Canticleites? Whatever. Cinderhearts can be used to make highly invested fighters that obey mental commands. +3


Recommend strategies: Grow the population. That has to be number one on the priority bracket. Next comes with building up military doctrine and weapons, then expelling the off worlders and beginning to develop space travel. If they can do that I can see Canticle becoming an important but small player on the Cosmere stage.


Overall Score: 25.5/67


Well, it is finished. Every Cosmere world we are likely to see for the next several years, is finally documented.

So what do you all think?

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