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Bit late, but, eh.

17 years old, always a rabid fangirl of something, petrified of college (but seriously considering at least a year of BYU for Dragonsteel).

I have met Brandon exactly once, at the Rithmatist signing in Houston. I didn't get a copy of R, but I got my Mistborn books signed. I asked about the last two metals, meaning lerasium and its alloy (this was back when we thought l&a had one each), he gave me chromium and nicrosil.

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I suggest you read SA, like right now. Immediately.


Good luck with College. Our school system is quite unique over here, but I'd say the equivalent of my "College years" were awesome with the good and the bad as well. I used to be scared too, until it started :) I recalled I sincerely considered wrapping biscuits in a shop a suitable career choice just to avoid having to face my fears :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:

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