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Implications of the Torment

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So Zellion has managed to deactivate the part of his Torment that forbids hurting other people physically, and proceeds to rough up some Charred. We know someone else with a similar Torment, a lot of magical abilities (at least being a full Mistborn, a Knight Radiant and an Elantrian, although maybe not all at the same time) and some martial prowess (being able to beat Kelsier into a pulp). Do we think Hoid is going to manage to remove his own Torment in a way? Will Zellion tell him how to? What will happen when he does?

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I could see Brandon laying the seedwork for Era 4 of Mistborn where he is a main viewpoint and trying to have this torment removed. I could even see Brandon rewriting the chapter where Nomad and him talk from Hoid's perspective and then seeking out this planet.

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Like how for radiant healing works(if you accepted an injury it can't be healed), I feel like Hoid has accepted his 'torment' and from what we have seen doesn't generally want to hurt people except in a few circumstances? So I don't think he could actually heal it unlike Sig did.

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