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Got Vin and TenSoon this week. Not finished yet, but I do not recommend getting your elbow tattooed. Very unpleasant! haha hope you enjoy :) 







Hey guys,


Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this. Thought I would share my recent Cosmere tattoos :) 






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Welcome to the forums.

16 minutes ago, Mitch86 said:

Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this. Thought I would share my recent Cosmere tattoos

Very cool, but probably the wrong place. You can use the "report this" (top-left, next to the time hack) to ask a mod to move this to the Community section. I don't have any myself, but I have designed a few (mother, sister and brother all have tats I designed). Mostly Knotwork and Tribal.

Here are some additional tools you may not yet know:


At the bottom left of a post you will see a "+" icon, a "Quote" link, and (your posts only) and Edit and Options tools. On the bottom right you will see an up arrow.

  • The Up Arrow is how you thank people or "like" a post
  • The "Quote" link is exactly that, when you click it the quote will be added to the reply at the bottom of the thread wherever the cursor is
    • So, if you have already started to reply before you decide to quote you can then add the quote before or after your text depending on the cursor location when you click "Quote"
  • The + icon is multi-quote. As you read a thread, if you want to quote multiple items you click that for each post
    • As you click +, you should see a toaster pop-up on the bottom right of the browser window showing how many quotes you will have
    • They are added in the order you click the + icon, not in the original post order, so you can set the order of quotes for your reply
    • When you are ready to reply, click on the toaster pop-up and it will take you directly to the reply section and add the quotes automatically
  • Finally, you can also highlight a small section of a post and, when hovering over the highlit portion, click the "Quote" button that pops up.
  • Also note that you can move quotes after they have been added to your reply.
    • For example, you add a quote and realize there are no empty lines below it for you to type - so you can hit "enter" before the quote to make an empty line then when you hover over a quote you will see a 4-way arrow at the top-left that you can use to drag the quote up (or down)  and move the quote to before the empty line. . .
  • Use the Edit link to make changes to a completed post or add information to your post if it is the most recent (to avoid double posting)
    • Quote buttons will still send a quote to "Reply" if you have a post open for edit, but it is easy to cut/paste the quote to the Edit box
    • Editing the first post in a thread allows the thread-creator to edit the thread title.
    • Editing allows you to add a reason for the edit (Spelling and grammar (SPAG), formatting, clarification, new information, etc.), but it is not required.
  • Next to Edit you will also find an "options" dropbox, you can use this to hide your post if you want to remove it after posting
  • At the top of a post you will find "Report Post"
    • Use this if you do accidentally double-post (sometimes it's the browser or a slow link that causes a double post) - just leave a message that it was an accidental double post and the Mods can fix it. If it was the first post of a new thread that doubled, they usually can merge the threads if they both have answers, so all of the content is retained.

Hope that helps.


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2 hours ago, Silver Phantom said:

These look sick man. My favorite is the Kaladin one. How much did those cost to get done?

Cheers man. Kaladin cost $1000 and Hoid cost $1200. Both were full day sessions.

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