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Hey, all! I'm new to the 17th shard. I've read every Cosmere book, and love them. I read way too fast, but that's all part of my master plan to re-read every book multiple times. I'm super excited to join this community!

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Just now, Aredor said:

Thank you all for responding to this!

Wow, that's a really tough question... My favorite standalone is a tie between Tress and Elantris, and my favorite series is the Stormlight Archive.

I agree. I really love the Stormlight Archive, and like Tress and Elantris as well.

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39 minutes ago, The Wandering Wizard said:

Welcome to the shard!!

Who are your favorite characters?

That's another tough one! My favorite character to read is Adolin, but my favorite non-viewpoint character is sword-nimi.

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