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Leeds signing Q&A


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Hey, I'm new to the site so go easy on me!

After recently meeting Brandon at a signing in Leeds I thought id take the plunge and get involved in the cosmere theorising. Not sure if this is the right place to post it or if anyone has asked this question - I asked

" would a non returned be killed using nightblood if it used up their breath, or would they just become a drab?"

Brandon - " yes and very quickly, no matter whether they are returned or not"

I then asked "so the same would happen if they used nightblood on Roshar with stormlight"

Brandon - "yes just the same"

This just made me think of a lot more questions but I was pretty nervous and left it there

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Very courageous of you! Myself, I was standing up there stammering like an idiot and forgetting half my questions when I was at a signing, so good work thinking of/asking something on the spot like that.


Unfortunately, this question has already been asked and answered—though I don't believe he's specifically said that the soul-draining-murder is guaranteed to happen to non-Nalthians, so that's one chink of doubt filled in.




Is the risk of Vasher dying from wielding Nightblood unsheathed too long because Nightblood would consume his divine Breath or does that also extend to those who are not Returned?
Yes, and yes, it does apply to others.
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