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First Day Here and Already Causing Trouble


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Hey everyone, my name is Aaron and I have perused this board a bit but have never actually signed up. I'm a 23 year old Engineer/physicist from NC. I began reading Brandon's books after reading his WoT novels and thought that his Way of Kings was one of the best beginnings to a fantasy series that I have ever read.

Now, having said that, I am hoping for some advice here... I recently purchased a first edition copy of The Well of Ascension and it is missing the pages 521-560 but has pages 561-590 printed twice... I don't have a way of returning the book but obviously I collect them and would also like to finish the book. Does anyone have any ideas on who I should contact to try and fix this?

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Hey there Aaron, have you tried the contact form on Brandons website? here, and you could try asking Peter through the forums, but that's less likely to work I guess...

I hope you enjoy the site, and am glad you enjoyed TWoK :D

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