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A three panel comic. Raboniel holds up a voidlight sphere and quotes a tweet by mahonishizumi. She says, "war is good because it creates more opportunities for yuri moments" The second panel is Navani's face, and she's looking at the viewer with closed lips. In the third panel, Navani looks towards Raboniel. She says, "What?" Beside the comic, friendly purple lettering reads, "Cosmere Femslash Fest 2023". End ID. Art by stormlight-archive on tumblr.

21 fanfic authors got together for a Cosmere fanfic gift exchange with a femslash theme! All fics focus on at least two female characters from across the Cosmere. Fics range from General to Explicit ratings. The fanfic reveal was on Sep 26th, 2023 - Bi Shallan confirmation day!

You can find fics for pairings like Shallan/Tyn, Navani/Kalami, Shan/Vin, Azure/Jasnah, pairings from Yumi and Tress, and more!

Check out the Collection here.

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