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so, from what i gather, the "gaming" pc my mom was suggested when she searched for them, (5+ years ago,) can run Team fortress 2, Rivals of aether, Hydroneer*, scrap mechanic*, raft*, the ori series**, and blender, but not Source filmmaker.


it's constantly running, else you have to spend about half your day booting it up and waiting for it to log in, is prebuilt, and getting to files is an absolute mess.

(*takes a while to load) (**at like, 3 frames per minute, at lowest settings.) (I'll update this when I get home, and grab the make and model.)

so... any ideas? (other than just getting a new pc, of course.)

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It does sound like this was low-end even 5 years ago. I'm no expert so take this with a grain of salt, but I would assume the reason it can run a Source game but not its video editor is, well, that it's a video editor. Rendering 3d models and rendering 3d models + rendering a video file out of them are very different tasks.

That said, checking the Steam page, while the requirements for the editor are higher than TF2, the thing can apparently run on a toaster. At that point it might be a compatibility issue. Does it just not start or does it run but slowly? It would be easier knowing the specs of your pc.

As more general advice, I would look into doing a little maintenance. Clean the fans, defragment the disk, that sort of thing, it might improve overall performance a little bit. If it's that slow just to boot up though, I'd say there are actual things to fix there, probably something to do with the disk. I've seen cases where bloat software or malware were clogging disk usage.

All that said, I'd say not to get your expectations too high. There's a reason people get beefy computers just for video editing. If a new one is absolutely out of the question you should at least look into upgrading it a bit. An ssd, new cpu, and/or more RAM could do wonders here, depending on what exactly it's lacking.

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uh, it runs blender just fine, even used it to make several animations! granted they were just variations of a spinning donut, but  I don't see why it's not working. it's inspiron 15, 3000 series, dell. only mods are a new battery. oh, and it can open sfm, just ya can't do creme.

turns out, it's booting steam that takes forever.

steam booted, at 38 minutes and 1 sec. it gives me option 2 run sfm or "SDK". i'll be running sfm, once everything updates, that is...

if memory serves, the problem is the graphics card is too weak, (or, seeing as this thing's an old fart in computer years, missing/degraded.)

here's the specs apparently. dunno if it's good or bad. I can't computer.

Screen recording 2023-09-23 4.14.29 PM.webm

the problem was it  couldnt rumeet the heavy. now im trying to boot up 2fort.

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