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What languages will you like to learn?


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If time and money are not an issue, what languages will you like to learn?
For me, I already know Mandarin and English.
I am learning Korean. I hope after Korean to learn Japanese, then German.
If I still can, I will like to learn Arabic, Thai, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese.
After that, I will like to learn Indonesian and Hindi.
I love languages.

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My first language is English, but I am semi-fluent (limited working proficiency) in Spanish and ASL. If I could learn another language it would probably be BSL or German. The world really missed the opportunity to have a world wide sign language. *sigh* 

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I studied Spanish for about 10 yrs - but it was so long ago that I do not consider myself fluent.

I would say I am fluent in English and Korean.

Tourist level in Japanese and Tagalog.

I do try to learn basic phrases in each country I visit, so I have some words in many other languages (German, Mandarin, French, Greek, Pashto, Dari, Arabic, etc.) but I would not even rate myself at "tourist" level since it is mostly confined to greetings, pleasantries (thank you, welcome, excuse me), some food terms and sometimes a smattering of other words.

Just as a reference, for those that may not be aware, check out Omniglot (Ethnologue is good too, but is now behind a paywall) for a great resource on alphabets and pronunciation.

9 hours ago, chongjasmine said:

I am learning Korean. I hope after Korean to learn Japanese, then German.

May I ask how far into studying Korean you are? Did you start with Hangul? For Japanese, do you plan to start with Hiragana and Katakana?

I hope to eventuallly improve my Japanese and Mandarin. . .

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English is the only language I speak fluently, but I speak some Spanish and small amounts of French, Welsh, and Russian, all of which I am currently learning. I would like to learn Koren, ASL, Italian, Swahili, Esperanto, Tamil, Latin, and Sanskrit (even though the last two are dead), but I won’t be able to learn most of them if I want to get good at the other ones. I really would just like to speak all the languages ever.

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