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Denth's name


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I was leafing through Warbreaker and I remembered something i meant to ask many times but always forgot to:

Do we know anything about the relationship between Denth (also know as VaraTreledees) and Treledees (the high priest of the God-King)?

Their name are practically the same, I find it very hard to believe that it's a mere coincidence. But I don't remember any Word of Brandon about this, not even a RAFO. Can someone give me some info?

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There is an unhelpful question here (sorry the question can't quite be made out but Treledees and VaraTreledees are mentioned):



Q: (VaraTreledes and Treledes, was there nothing there?)

B: The Scholars and who they are would be involved in a sequel in some way.  And someday I will write it and you might get an answer.



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