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I exist as well!

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7 hours ago, Stormlit Shard said:

Hi, I am so glad I finally got an account on this. I have read a lot of Sanderson but my favorite books are by far the Stormlight archive. I am definitely excited to finally join in on all of the topics everyone is discussing.

Welcome! Nice to meet you!

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1 hour ago, Scars of Hathsin said:

Welcome to the shard, is Moash redeemable?

At the end of book 4, he wouldn't ever go back to the Windrunners and he would spend a life in prison so no he could not be redeemable after


killing teft

in book 4

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could cause confusion with words of radiance
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The Stormlight Archive is also my favorite(over Mistborn and Warbreaker). My theory is that the more time I spend in the world, the more engrossed I am. Clearly, with Stormlight's page count the others just don't stand a chance. Another secret reason for my love of Stormlight is that Kaladin is in it. Why is the Stormlight Archive your favorite series?

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