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Where does the mad prince fit?

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1 hour ago, Awakened rock stacker said:

I'm about to reread elantris and I don't have the 10th anniversary edition so I was wondering if someone who has it can tell me where the mad prince chapters fit?

Do you realize that the deleted scenes are not the only change to the 10th anniversary edition? Chunks of the Climax were changed, and the Postscript was added. 

Mad Prince can be found here. From the website annotations on the deleted scenes:


Chapter 47 happens, and Sarene gets released from Elantris. She has her run-in with Hrathen, but before she lets Kiin take her back to his home, the following scene occurs. . . .


Following that, we have the following Hrathen Scene. (This was replaced in the final version by the scene meeting with Telrii, who tells Hrathen that he’s decided to send a letter to Wyrn and demand Gyorn status.)

The Spirit of Elantris

(Oh, and yes—the book still had this title back then.)

Chapter Forty-eight


So, from here we have the Raoden chapter where he blows up the biology section, ending with him saying he could make an illusion. Then, we have the Sarene chapter where Kaloo appears at her fencing practice. Then we go into another chapter with Hrathen and the Mad Prince. (This was replaced by the chapter where Hrathen confronts Dilaf in the perfumer’s tent. That was a scene was in the original draft, but I moved it to accommodate the loss of the Mad Prince.)

The Spirit of Elantris

Chapter Fifty-one

Slight Warbreaker Spoilers:


If you have read Warbreaker, you may recognize the first version of a scene from that book here. . .

and finally, this:


After this, we had the chapter where Raoden (as Kaloo) convinces Roial to let him into the meetings. The Sarene chapter at the meeting goes pretty much as it is in the final draft. The difference is that it’s Eton who arrives and forces Raoden to reveal himself. After that, everything continues up to the point that the soldiers (members of Eton’s army instead of Telrii’s stolen Elantris City Guards) arrive at Kiin’s house. They demand that Raoden give himself up for trial for instigating the death of their monarch. Sarene insists on going along, and the following happens. . . .


This was followed, immediately, by a Hrathen chapter. I like this one for the way it shows of the chapter triad system, but the plotting here didn’t ever work for me.

The Spirit of Elantris

Chapter Fifty-seven


The other deleted scenes are found here. They include the original Prologue and Alternate Ending, as well as some revised scenes in the middle of the text.

Here is Brandon's post about the changes overall:


Brandon Sanderson

Elantris 10th Anniversary

First, in relation to Elantris, May is the 10th anniversary of its release, my first published book! In celebration, we've been putting together a 10th Anniversary Edition, which is coming out later this year. It will be in trade paperback form (the paperback format which is more the size of a hardcover), and I'm hoping I can get Tor to print at least a few hardcovers for those who want to get them.

We've packed this edition with some cool extras. It includes a new foreword by Dan Wells, a retrospective by myself, an Ars Arcanum appendix (as this was the only one of my Cosmere books not to have one), brand-new redone maps by Isaac Stewart, and a very short extra scene. In addition, as I mentioned, we've changed a few things.

Now, this is the dangerous thing I talked about above. We've seen in certain high-profile films that changes done by the creator many years later are controversial. It's a slippery path. Part of creating a work of art is learning when to let it alone—most writers I know could just keep tweaking something forever. The quote (often attributed to da Vinci) that says “Art is never finished, just abandoned” is quite a true statement.

However, Elantris needed some attention. When I wrote it, I didn't have access to a good cartographer who could make the continuity of my crazy map-based ideas for the story work out. I did my best, but it never quite clicked. The maps didn't match the story, and the conceptualization of the ending was always kind of vague because of this disconnect.

Well, I have Isaac now, along with Peter who is really, really good with the minutiae of this sort of plotting. We've made two kinds of sweeping changes, then, to the text:

Map Continuity: We've had to shift the locations of some buildings and events as we've figured out a scale for the maps and for the city. We've tweaked the ending; the events are the same, but where certain things happen has been changed to fit. (Over the years, many of you have asked me about this, and I've had to admit that we just got it wrong.) This shouldn't change the story in any significant way except that now it actually makes sense, but I thought you should know.

Language Changes: Peter has done a very, very thorough copyedit, and has made some stylistic changes to remove some of the quirks of my earlier prose. (Extraneous commas, for example.) Again, this shouldn't change the story in any significant way except to make it more readable.

I should note that neither edition has the Elantris Glossary - which has some interesting worldbuilding tidbits that never made the text.

Elantris Glossary

Hope that helps

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Do you realize that the deleted scenes are not the only change to the 10th anniversary edition? Chunks of the Climax were changed, and the Postscript was added

I know but there's nothing I can do about it without spending money but at least I can add the mad prince.

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25 minutes ago, Awakened rock stacker said:

I know but there's nothing I can do about it without spending money but at least I can add the mad prince.

Well, you could try reading one of these summary of changes with/after the reread of the book:

10th Anniversary Alterations and Spoilers

10th Anniversary Additions

Elantris Trivia

Anniversary Edition Reaction Thread

You can also see the new maps on the Coppermins at Interior Art.

Those should clarify most of the changes. When/If you decide topick up the anniversary edition, you can also check out used book sellers, like ThriftBooks. I got my trade paperback edition for < 10 dollars US. 

Hope that helps.

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