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I just realised something about Scott Pilgrim


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He has a shardblade!


I've had my profile picture since I signed up to the forum, and I did not put it together until now. He might even be a proper Knight Radiant - he speaks an ideal/reaches a personal realisation, then summons a blade and goes all Skybreaker on everyone!


His oath moments are centred around either love or self-actualisation, generally in the context of relationships, so he might be the opposite of a Skybreaker. Maybe a Truthwatcher, since he spends so much of the story completely misguided about his own importance/effect on others, then gains his stormlight (coin?) processing abilities when he begins to approach a very important truth...


I don't think there's any spoilers in there, but I'm used to posting in the Cosmere forums, so let me know if there's anything amiss.

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