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I've been lurking for a bit and recently started posting. I'm really enjoying reading the discussions on the board.

I've been reading Brandon's work for a while and find it all very engrossing. At this point I think I've read all of his Cosmere books at least 2 or 3 times each. I'm about to launch into Alcatraz. The best thing about the Cosmere is that each book gives us small details about how everything fits together, but the clues are so naturally dropped into each book. Nothing is immediately apparent.

Complex epic fantasy and some spec fiction is really my favorite type. I really got into WoT, and I think that Brandon has added a great deal by finishing that series. The recent books have seemed more focused. I'm reading some Neal Stephenson right now as well.

In my copious amounts of spare time I'm a working mom who also happens to enjoy weaving - and Tango. My favorite games right now are Sentinels of the Multiverse (Wraith reminds me LOTS of Vin) and Plants v. Zombies.

I think that's it for the initial intro.


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aloha Aoibheann, great to have you here :D

indeed PvZ is a great game :D and you're in the right place to enjoy the Cosmere XD


I've even hooked my 7 yo. She (on her own) decided to be a PvZ Zombie for Halloween. She took a sunflower... Many people were very confused by the girl-child zombie with a sunflower.

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