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Omnibus Font


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@Jofwu or anybody else that may point me in the correct direction:

I tried searching the Coppermind, but no luck there. So, . . . 

Does anybody know what font was used for White Sand (GN)? Specifically the Omnibus. It seems to have been used for Brandon's name on some covers - but I am more interested in the internal headers. Example:



So, it's a serif font - probably a Dragonsteel-only thing; but I hope I can find the base font from which this was developed so I can get close.

I'm trying to fix my epub from Dynamite, and one of the main issues is that the Forward, Introduction and Glossary are unreadable on my device** (Kobo Forma - though PC via Calibre works) so I want to turn the image for those pages into a background and use actual paragraph tags for the text and I am hoping to mimic the headers as closely as I can. 

Thank you very much for any assistance you may provide. 


**Note: technically the whole thing is unreadable because they set the "page" images to 640x985pixels - but changing that is the "easy" part. . . 

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