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The most important part of a book is the beginning. I think deep down all writers know that, but even though I know how important the beginning is, as an author I'm rarely willing to do the hard work to make the beginning really click with my audience. At the end of the day, you have about five minutes to get your readers' attention. I thought it'd be really helpful (especially for me, because I suck at beginnings) to do critique swaps of the first five minutes of your novel. (I'll say approximately ~1000 words.) I'm sure you're all busy people, so sometimes you don't have time to read a 100,000 word novel, but we have five minutes I think all the writers in this community could benefit from a place to practice their beginnings, and get advice and constructive criticism. And so I'll offer all of you the five-minute guarantee. I will read the first 1000 words of any novel you send me (through this forum or through DMs of you'd be more comfortable) and if you have five minutes you can do the same for me (although by no means should you feel obligated to, I'm just happy to help out anyone who could use a second opinion. Consider it my gift, for my 150th post, because this community is awesome.)

When reading your 1000 words, I'll think about the promises I feel like you're making to me (as the reader) and I'll tell you about the genre vibes I'm getting, so you can see what's intentional and what's unintentional. 

Here's the deal guys. If you ever want to get published, editors, agents, and publishers never ask for more than the first five pages of your book. It doesn't matter if you're really good at writing endings (like I hope I am) because if your first five pages aren't great they'll never want more. The same goes for readers. So one way or another, writing the beginnings is a skill you'll have to learn.

Also this is a great way to discuss how to write a good pitch for your book, what makes a good first line or "hook," what mistakes you should avoid on the first five pages, and things you should always have. So please, if you're interested in sending me something to read, don't hesitate to let me know! If you have any advice for me, a writer who struggles more with beginnings then anything, please let me know! And beyond that, happy writing.

Now have a great day.

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17 minutes ago, Channelknight Fadran said:

This is good advice, and that's the problem

(I don't want to be published because my first thirteen words "hooks" my editor)

Yeah, I'd say it's nothing more then a first step. You have to learn how to write beginnings, just like you have to learn how to do everything. But I know for a fact it's going to be one long time before I'm good at everything, so I want to focus on the first step. For now. If the first 1000 words is the only good part of your novel, you're still screwed but even if the second 1000 words is AWESOME nobody will get there if you don't hook them in five minutes. Does that make sense?

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