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Lift has a flute


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2 hours ago, ajotatxe said:

In RoW I-5, Lift has an 'old, strange flute' hidden in Urithiru.

Is it from Wit? Is it Kaladin's lost flute?

Perhaps some other thing?

Have you finished Rhythm of War? (spoilers)


It shows up again in Ch 116 where your question is answered:


Dalinar started back toward his meeting—then paused and reached for something on a nearby table. A flute?

Wit’s flute.

“Lift had this,” Dalinar said, handing it toward Kaladin. “She said that Dabbid recognized it as yours.”

“It is,” Kaladin said with awe. “How is Lift, by the way?”

“My lunch is gone,” Dalinar said. “So I’d say she’s doing fine.



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