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Shardhunt: Another Puzzlehunt by the 17th Shard

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A few years ago, some members of these forums formed a puzzlehunting team for fellow fans of Brandon Sanderson, dubbing ourselves the 17th Shard in honor of this website. We started doing puzzles, and basically haven't stopped since - we even wrote our own puzzlehunt in 2021, themed around fantasy books - you can find our announcement for that here.

Well, we've grown a lot as a team since then, both in numbers and in skill. Our team isn't just for Sanderfans anymore, and neither are the puzzles that we write, but we still feel a connection to the website that originated our team. So we're returning here to announce our second puzzlehunt, Shardhunt*! You can find our website here: https://shardhunt.com/


Wait, I have questions.

So what is a puzzlehunt, anyway?

A puzzlehunt is an event where people gather in teams to solve a set of puzzles together. A puzzle can take any form, including crossword puzzles, logic puzzles, wordplay, math, and more, but in every puzzle your goal is to extract a string of letters, usually an English word or phrase which is the answer to the puzzle. As a point of reference, picture something somewhat akin to an escape room, but entirely digital, and with harder puzzles. Puzzlehunts also contain metapuzzles, which are puzzles that require the answers of previous puzzles to solve. Each puzzle in a round of the puzzlehunt will feed into a metapuzzle, and solving that metapuzzle completes the round.

Who are you guys, again?

Not all of our writing team have been on the forums, and those of us who are aren't super active anymore, but you may recognize @Rushu42 @MetaTerminal @Exalted @Moonrise and @MiToRo94 among our puzzle authors!

How should I solve this hunt?

We strongly advise forming a team of 8 (or more) people who are going to be active throughout the hunt - puzzles are easier in groups!

How does this hunt compare to the last one that you wrote?

Our last puzzlehunt was a small affair, for about a dozen teams, and aimed primarily at people from this community. This hunt is significantly larger in scope - we predict that we'll have a few hundred teams, from the general puzzlehunting community - and much harder. We have a couple beginner-friendly puzzles in the opening round, but it gets harder as it goes along. It's also longer, with about 30 puzzles in total.

Is this puzzlehunt directly Sanderson-related?

I can't reveal any spoilers about specific puzzle content! However, the story of this hunt does not have any connection to the Cosmere, or other Sanderson books.

I have questions about hunt logistics.

Specific information about the hunt itself can be found on this page of our website: https://shardhunt.com/rules. If you have more questions, feel free to send a message in this thread!


Happy puzzling, everyone!


*Because this hunt is open to a much broader community than our previous Shardhunt, we've decided not to confuse people by calling it Shardhunt 2. Instead, our previous hunt is Shardhunt 0, and this is Shardhunt 1.

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