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Extinct by Orson Scott Card on BYU TV

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I'm a huge fan of the BYU TV produced tv show Extinct which ran one season in 2017. Casting, plot, sets, vfx are amazing. It was co-written by Orson Scott Card, my only complaint is it's left on a cliffhanger... recently noticed THIS: https://www.amazon.com/Extinct-Orson-Scott-Card/dp/0765393778

Amazon hints at a release date April 1, 2035... :(

Any thoughts? Is it an April Fools prank? Is he writing the story behind the series? Do you think we might finally get a resolution? Is the date standard practice for Amazon pre-purchases?

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On 6/15/2023 at 4:43 PM, Sparkrunner said:

Is the date standard practice for Amazon pre-purchases?

I don't know about standard dates, but Amazon has been known to make up dates before for titles when it lacked actual data. Example (a portion of my email and the author response):

27 Jul 2022
Can you share any updates for Curse of Krakens? 
  Some sources (Amazon) say it is due out Aug 2022, and some (Goodreads) say Jun 2023; but Del Rey's site has no information and I can't confirm which (if either) is correct. 

27 Jul 2022

Neither date is correct because I haven’t finished writing it.

It's finished now and does have a legit release date - 4 Nov 23.


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