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Question, storing all of something with feruchemy

Fallen Rope

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Well, we have confirmation that you can't store 100% of your speed, but there's a physical limitation on that*. Ditto on weight, even though you can get really close to zero weight. However, the senses don't have any practical ramifications if you were to store 100% at a time… Interesting question!

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I think storing too much of a feruchemy trait could be fatal, depending on which one it is. 

If you stored 100% of your physical speed, you wouldn't be moving. Including your heart and lungs. I am of the opinion that storing speed actually affects that rate that your body moves through time, and so you wouldn't be able to stop, just go very very slowly (not too sure about the physics on that one). But since mental functions are unaffected, the mind would still require sustenance from the body.

Storing an excess of strength could also lead to cardiac arrest.

Storing too much warmth might get you a case of hypothermia. 

If you stored too much memory you could forget where you put it. Could someone forget they were a feruchemist if they stored that memory in a coppermind?

With Wayne becoming physically ill when he stored health, it would be easy to see the risks of over doing it.

And with breath and energy one would still require some of that element to live, in addition to what they are storing; or else they would respectively suffocate, and starve. 

Someone continuously storing wakefulness would be like a coma patient. Needing to be fed intravenously, and regularly turned to not get bed sores. 

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