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Chathrand Voyage


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Anyone every heard of the Chathrand Voyage Quartet by Robert VS Redick? I've read the first three books of this series, and I'm loving it, but nobody seems to know what I'm talking about when I mention it, and I struggle to get hold of it in bookshops. 

So I came here to find out if there are any other fans (or critics) and to recommend the series tot hose who haven't read it.

Before you begin, though, let me warn you - the magic system is quite different to Brandon Sanderson. I love it though, and I normally dislike magic systems like this. I love how much of their problem-solving is one by brains and hard work. The best part of the books, however, is Redick's amazing strong characterization. His characters are so real, so deep, it constantly astound me. (And if you liked Syl but wished she were slightly more badass, look out for a certain character named Diadrilu...)

Another thing that I love about the series is how - Kelsier style - there's always another story. You can never be sure what's going to surprise you next. The author is incredibly good at keeping up tension and suspense. 


1st Book: The Red Wolf Conspiracy Amazon Goodreads

2nd Book: The Ruling Sea (Or The Rats and The Ruling Sea, depending on which publisher) Amazon Goodreads

3rd Book: The River of Shadows Amazon Goodreads

4th Book: The Night of the Swarm Amazon Goodreads   


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