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Resources to detect similar music


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I've been trying to get back into music lately and I think I've come up with some cool chord progressions/riffs, but I'm concerned that if I think it's cool then someone else will have too and already recorded it.

Is there some kind of resource to check whether someone has already recorded something or do I just have to listen more widely/find people who do and hope no-one recognises anything?

I googled how Shazam works and that appears to be based on digital information within the audio files themselves, not the combination of various musical notes, and so playing something into that wouldn't help too much.

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I mean.... i think if you've come up with it you shouldn't worry about whether someone else did it first. Every single piece of music is going to sound a little similar to another one, some more so, some less, and that's fine. If you came up with it on your own and didn't plagiarize, i wouldn't worry.

Can't help on the tech part, sorry :(

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