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Greetings, my fellow Humans!

This topic is in celebration of a delightful event: my 1000th post on the Shard! This is such a wonderful community, and everyone one here is amazing!

So... what are these "Tales of Lianür," you ask? Well... it's a long story...

Or it's going to be. Basically, I've been building this world over the past couple months, and finally got inspiration to write it the other day. I'll add a coupla sketches of creatures and a map later on, but yee.

It's going to be a very, very long book, and will take a long, LONG time to write, so uhm... yeah don't expect many posts on here :P 

Also I pulled a Sanderson and wrote two prologues, so that's fun!

Without further ado, the Tales of Lianur!


Prologues [Disclaimer: Violence, death, blood]


Prologue 1: Blood and Questions


The man strode through the battlefield, his torn red cape billowing in the harsh breeze. The wind carried the sound of screams and groans of the dead and dying, along with the final yells of the defiant enemy, matched with guttural war cries and the sound of metal on metal. The man’s once shining sword was stained with dark blood that dripped a trail over muddy ground and fallen corpses – many human men, mixed with Leonin and innumerable Wolfskin bodies – all twisted and fallen, bleeding out deep red or black blood.

The man sighed as he crested a hill, getting a good view of the battlefield around him. So many had died. Fools. All of them. He removed a gauntlet and reached to wipe his forehead, only managing to smudge the mixture of grime and blood. His brown hair was matted, his cheeks streaked with sweat.

He turned in a slow circle, taking it all in. It is all because of you, the voices hissed, it is because of you we died. He grabbed his ragged cape and began to wipe off his longsword, the red cloth quickly becoming smudged with the black blood of Wolfskin. His lips curled at the thought, and he quickly sheathed his sword after he was done. Smoke rose in the distance – his soldiers were already burning corpses. The man shook his head quietly and began to head towards homecamp. They had won this battle, but how much more could they take? Your fault. Your fault. Your fault.

A gentle rain began to patter, and soon it became a downpour, drenching the man and dribbling down his neck, soaking his cape and causing it to drag along the ground, catching on corpses and discarded weapons. The water mixed with blood, and the blood mixed with the earth, causing streams of dark liquid to trickle and flow in rivulets. He turned his head to the sky, a single scream building in his throat.

“WHY?” The yell tore out of him, only to be devoured by the soaking rain. He stood, panting, tense, waiting. The thunder only rumbled in response.

Prologue 2: There is One [Disclaimer: Death scene]


A small group of Leonin padded through the silent town – at least, what remained of it.

Houses were now smouldering ruins, wood blackened and broken. The remains of a cart crackled with dying flames, reminiscent of the Leonin’s quickly fading spirits. The remains of the horses that had once driven the cart lay smoking, near where a human corpse lay, open eyes staring, shocked, at the sky. Mearna averted her eyes, trying very hard not to let them linger on any of the corpses. A cold wind drifted through the abandoned town, carrying with it the acrid scent of burning bodies, burning wood, burning dreams.

Crows cawed, black smudges of ash soaring in the sky. Mearna shook herself, glancing at her companions. Their golden eyes shone back, confusion, fear, and anger glowing within them.

“Remember why we are here, Tigrin.” She said quietly. “If there are any survivors, we must find them. Search the entire town – every ruin, every street, every shadow. The scent of death is strong here – but there may still be life.” Her group nodded back at her, faces solemn.

Mearna was right in saying the scent of death was strong. It filled her nostrils, pressed on her mind. After hours of searching, no one had found a living soul. Every ruin held a blackened corpse, every street and brutalised body, every shadow and crushed hope. As she combed through the remains of what could have been a home, she found yet another corpse. Gingerly, she crouched down and touched the dead woman’s face. To her surprise, the eyes fluttered open, and the woman gasped in pain. Blood seeped from a dozen wounds, and the bundle in her arms wriggled.

The woman’s eyes cleared, and she stared painfully at Mearna. She said something, then hacked a cough, blood spattering her already bloodstained clothing. Mearna frowned and pressed a hand against the side of the woman’s face. Already, she could feel the life seeping from this human, drifting onto the wind. The woman muttered again, more desperately this time.

“What is it you are saying?” Mearna said softly. The woman coughed again.

“A-a Leonin… blessed be… Yorsah above…” The woman said, weakly lifting a hand. “P-please…” She hacked again, and blood dribbled down her chin.

“Hush.” Mearna said, pressing the woman down when she tried to sit up. “Your suffering shall be over soon.” But the woman resisted her, tenderly picking up the small bundle that lay on her chest. It cried softly, a sweet sound amongst the deathly silence.

“P-please… my… son…” Mearna took the bundle from the woman, gently pulling back the rags to reveal a small, pale face. “C-care f-for him…”

“I will.” The Tigrin replied, clutching the child to her chest with one hand and grasping the woman’s with her other. The woman’s eyes fluttered, her skin paling, and she began to jerk violently, gasping. Finally, after a few more moments, the woman’s eyes closed, and breath left her for the final time. Mearna sat there, holding the dead woman’s hand until one of her companions rested a hand on her shoulder.

“None were found living.” He said softly, glancing at the dead woman. “It is time to head back to the Forests.”

Carefully, Mearna pulled back the rags again. The child stirred and cried quietly.

“There is one.” She said, voice muted.

Her companion gasped. “A child! But how are we to care for it?”

“I will find a way.” Mearna said, eyes lingering on the woman’s corpse. “I promised.”

He nodded silently and held out a hand. Mearna took it, holding the child close. Together, they gathered the rest of their group and left the town behind them, smouldering.


Part 1: [insert cool title here]


Chapter 1: News


“Liafor! Liafor, wake up!” Tana shook his shoulder, her tail flicking excitedly. “Edarin is here!”

“What?” Liafor croaked, sitting up and glaring at his sister. The young female Leonin sighed impatiently.

“Edarin. Is. Back!” Tana said, poking his shoulder with every syllable. Liafor batted her away, slipping off his mossy bed and staring her in the eyes. Even though they were both in their fourteenth winter, Tana had never seemed to grow up. Then it dawned on him.

“Edarin? You mean Mar’Edarin SwiftScout? He’s back?!”

Tana rolled her eyes and poked him again. “His Tarvim just flew in. Get some pants on and let’s go!” She ducked out of the room, then peeked back in at Liafor. “Come on!”

Liafor shook himself and quickly pulled on a pair of pants, leaving his upper body bare. He leapt after his sister, who giggled and scurried to the lift, jumping onto it and pulling the lever. “Hey!” He shouted as the wooden platform began to trundle downwards. Liafor hesitated only a moment before bounding after his sister, grabbing onto a rope and sliding down to land beside her with a thump. He gave Tana a fierce glare, but she only laughed, her delicate nose wrinkling in amusement.

Below them on the forest floor, many of their Tribe – the Tigrin – began to gather around the Great Tree, where Edarin stood tall, his long spear held loosely in his right hand, talking with a few Elders. His Tarvim, a large birdlike creature, stood at his shoulder, its crest raised in curiosity, large, brown eyes blinking at the crowd. As soon as the lift clattered to the ground, Liafor and Tana bounded forward, weaving between the adult Leonin until they found a suitable tree. The males stood tall and pushed to the front, forming a tight ring around the scout and Elders. Most of the females, meanwhile, wisely chose to watch from their treehomes, furry ears attentive, golden eyes glittering with excitement. Liafor and Tana scrambled up the tree, ignoring the adult’s pointed glances as they leaned over, staring at Edarin.

“What are they saying?” A voice asked from below them.

“If you listen, Gren, maybe you’ll know.” Another voice replied, this one slightly deeper than the other.

“I know that!” Gren huffed, turning to face Kurim. “Why don’t you listen?” Kurim just flicked his tail and climbed upwards until he sat on a branch next to Liafor and Tana. His rounded ears twitched as he purred a greeting to his friends.

“Good morning.” He murmured.

“Good morning to you, Kurim.” Liafor said, scooting over to make space for Gren who huffed in annoyance and plonked himself on the branch, causing the green leaves to tremble. “And to you, Gren.”

“Great. Wonderful. Thanks.” Gren said, leaning forward and using his tail as a counterbalance. “What are they saying?”

Tana rolled her eyes, and Liafor turned away to hide a smile. Kurim merely grunted, his ears pricking forwards. Edarin was still talking quietly with the Elders. They did not seem very happy – their ears twitched, and their tails moved back and forth slowly. Eventually, Edarin nodded emphatically and turned towards the gathered crowd.

“I bring news from the Outer Borders!” He proclaimed, his hand held outwards. His strong, deep voice reached even the highest treehomes. “Packs of Wolfskin have been spotted roaming nearby our Forest.”

The crowd murmured softly, and Tana hissed quietly. Edarin waved his hand for silence, and the muttering died down.

“Fear not the Wolfskin, my Tribe. None have yet attempted to encroach upon our territory, and have hacked nought a branch from the sacred trees. There are, of course other matters.” He paused here, shifting the spear on his shoulder. “The Karai are becoming increasingly ferocious. We have lost several Hunters over this past Green Season to Karai attacks. Where we used to be able to wander peacefully, we now have to remain on alert.” Again the crowd began to mutter. Liafor and Kurim’s eyes met, and Liafor shook his head. This was not good at all.

The list went on. Patches of the Forests fading, prey disappearing, ravens flying to the south, foul scents on the Western Wind. With each word, the assembly grew quieter and quieter, until there was only the wind rustling the leaves to be heard. When Edarin finally stopped, all was silent. The Elders stepped forward, the Eldest raising her old but strong voice.

“You have what Swiftscout has spoken. There are many troubles, but do not despair.” She said, her golden eyes shining. “The Sacred Forests stand, and life reigns in these woods. We are, however, going to prepare.” Gren leaned forward even more, precariously close to falling off of the branch as the Eldest continued to speak. “We are going to train younglings in the arts of the Paths earlier this Season. All younglings of Fourteen Winters are to be at the Great Tree for the Choosing at MidWeek.” Liafor had stopped listening. The Choosing? This early? He glanced at Tana, and she shrugged, her expression of worry replaced with one of excitement.

This meant in two days their Paths would be decided – the path of a Healer, who cared for the Tribe and nurtured the young, or of a Hunter, to hunt for prey, protect the Tribe and keep the peace. There were others, but usually one would follow one of those two, then split off down a similar, if specialized, path. Gren’s eyes widened as he tipped forward and tumbled off the branch, barely managing to grab it with his claws and stop himself from crashing to the ground. As he pulled himself up and flicked the splinters from his talons, a purring laugh came from Kurim.

“Oh, hush!” Gren grunted, glaring at his friend again. Kurim merely laughed louder.

“Cubs!” A Tigrin shouted from below. All four younglings peeked through the leaves and at the figure below. She stood with her hands on her hips, her tail swishing in amused impatience. “Get down from there this moment!”

“Yes, Ma’ami!” Liafor shouted as the others quickly scrambled down the tree, gripping the bark with sharp claws and easily landing on the ground with a lithe balance. Liafor slowly made his way down, moving from branch to branch before finally dropping to the ground.

“Liafor, you know what I have said about climbing trees!” His mother admonished. “You have to be more careful.”

“Yes, Ma’ami.” Liafor replied, ducking his head to hide his blush.

“And you, Tana.” She said, “What have I told you?”

“’Don’t let your brother be an idiot?’” She asked mischievously, her tail twitching. Her mother cuffed her playfully over the ear. She had once been a Hunter, and had roamed outside of the Outer Borders – even out into Wolfskin territory!

“Don’t let your brother get himself in dangerous situations, you linfa.” She grinned, her sharp teeth shining in the sunlight. “But yes, that too.”

“Hey!” Liafor exclaimed. Tana flicked her tail and giggled behind her hand. His mother smirked, then looked to the other two young Tigrin, who shuffled their feet under her gaze.

“And you two – you know better as well.”

“I was… um… practicing!” Gren said, his golden eyes wide. Kurim gave him a side eye, then sighed. She raised an eyebrow at the youngling as he wriggled uncomfortably under her gaze.

“And what were you practicing, exactly?” Liafor’s mother prodded.

Gren glanced to one side, then the other. “Uhm…” He leaned over to look behind her. “Eh, my ma’ami is calling me! Bye!” He dashed away, the laughter of the others trailing behind him.

“So,” Liafor’s mother said, looking at the other three with a smile. “Are you younglings ready for the Choosing?”

Kurim tipped his head. “I am… uncertain. The Paths do not appeal to me.”

“I want to be a Hunter!” Tana proclaimed, her golden eyes shining and long tail swishing in excitement. “I’m going to explore and find new places! Who knows, perhaps I will slay a Karai!”

Liafor turned his head away from his mother’s gaze. The Paths, the Choosing, both excited and scared him. Once a Path was chosen, it was very hard to move to another. Who know where the Trail of Life would lead him?

“Liafor?” Tana asked, poking him on the shoulder again. “You’re going to be a Hunter, aren’t you?”

He shook himself and gave her a wan smile. “Perhaps.” But try as he might, the uncertainty lingered. Kurim laid a hand on Liafor’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry, friend. We shall find out together!” Liafor gripped the hand and grinned. “Of course!” His mother still studied him with a concerned gaze. She breathed deeply and shrugged her shoulders.

“Well, I suppose that you younglings need something to keep you occupied until MidWeek. Come, there is work to do.”

All three of them groaned quietly and glared in the direction where Gren had run. He peeked out from behind a large tree, grinning like a fool. His laughter drifted over to them on the gentle breeze.

“Practicing, my paw!” Liafor’s mother grunted as she too glared over to Gren. The young Tigrin had the sense to duck away before she could shout at him. “Linfa.” She muttered. She eyed the other three. “Follow.” She said, walking towards a lift.

Tana, Liafor and Kurim shared a look, then shrugged, accepting their fates. The work couldn’t be too terrible… could it?



I hope y'all enjoyed! Have a wonderful day :D 

- Telrao

PS: I will edit more chapters into this post, and announce them in the thread. Also note: These are rough, rough drafts, so the writing isn't the best /:

Edited by Telrao
Adding chapter 1 :DD
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Posted (edited)
On 08/04/2023 at 0:14 AM, Edema Ruh said:

OoOOooooOooooh I enjoyed those a lot!! I’m excited to see more whenever you write it!

:DD Thanks!

On 09/04/2023 at 9:43 PM, Shining Silhouette said:

Very cool!

I am decidedly uneasy (in a good way) :P

>:) good... good...

On 10/04/2023 at 1:56 AM, The Wandering Wizard said:

Very interesting!


*rubs hands* I have released chapter 1! I sincerely apologise for the mediocre writing...

I'm still *embarrassed cough* planning the actual story - noting down important plot points, ect, and am currently writing chapter 2. I have scrapped it twice... it might be three times... Soo... woot! It's long... but not long, so please enjoy and have a wonderful day!

- Telrao *throws muffins*

ED1T: Also feedback would be very welcome :P 

Edited by Telrao
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