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Mistborn AU fanfic Idea: Symphony


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I've had many ideas for fanfictions, some of them involved the Cosmere and I really, really want to talk about them. So here I go.

This idea is Mistborn Symphony, a story that takes place in between Era 1 and 2, Era 1.5 if you will.

Scadrial is very different from the way it should be, due to the Shards of Preservation and Ruin not being in harmony. This has led to Scadrial being fixed somewhat incorrectly with the continents being cracked apart into a massive archipelago. Humanity was saved, though life isn't as easy.

The Mists have changed, they no longer cover the entire world, they are usually found far from civilization. They are also composed of both Preservation and Ruin, and they still Snap people into Allomancers, though a bit differently.

Instead of merely awakening what's already there, pieces of the Mists leak into the soul and raise both the Innate Investiture of Preservation. and Ruin.

On the plus side, the Mists can turn anyone (provided they are Scadrian) into a Misting! The bad news is that they also curse those foolish enough to enter the Mists with a horrific Malady that will stay with them until the end of their lives. The Mists are known in these days as the Maladic Mists.

The type of Malady given to someone depends on what type of Misting they become. For example Bronze Mistings have their sense of hearing become hypersensitive, making even mundane conversation painful to hear.

Heres the chart of Maladies that I have written up, feel free to come up with your own:


M-Steel: Extreme Far-sightedness 

M-Iron: Extreme Near-sightedness

M-Tin: ?

M-Pewter: Permanent adrenaline rush?

M-Zinc: Your own emotions are constantly Rioted

M-Brass: Your own emotions are constantly Soothed

M-Copper: Near-Deafness

M-Bronze: Hypersensitive Hearing

M-Aluminum: Drabness?

M-Duralumin: ?

M-Chromium: ?

M-Nicrosil: ?

M-Gold: ?

M-Electrum: ?

M-Cadium: Everything seems faster.

M-Bendalloy: Everything seems slower.

The purpose of the Maladies in this story are because I want Allomancy to be more common, but for there to be to be a high price for the ease of acquiring it. A Malady functions similarly like a Curse from the Old Magic of Roshar. It is part of the soul and no one will know how to use Hemalurgy to separate them. It can also be inherited by children. The Maladic Mists will probably just kill unprotected Worldhoppers.

Plus it also adds a cool environmental danger like the Highstorms of Roshar. Scadrians have discovered that certain Rhythms that resemble Bronze Pulses can influence the Mists in certain ways, making it safer for ships to sail through. So Symphonics, people trained to play the Allomantic Rhythms, are an important part of any ship's crew, not only protecting the crew from the Mists but also playing music to ease the monotony of a long journey.

A constant threat are pirates, especially criminals who willingly become cursed with maladies in exchange for power greater than the average man. These necasitate that crews should have their own Metalborn, resulting in most crews having Metalborn of their own, some Natural and others Maladic.

This story will follow the path of a boy, a descendant of the Keepers, as he has been proclaimed to be the True Hero of Ages. He has been sent on a journey to discover his past, with his crew consisting of many interesting individuals, such as a Maladic Seeker who claims to have been taught by Death himself, a Mysterious Mistborn running from her past, and others they will meet along the way.


What do you guys think?

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