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Delay on the Mistborn Adventure Game, But Free Mistborn RPG Novella!


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I have some sad news: the Mistborn Adventure Game by Crafty Games is delayed to December 15th. Here's a post about it on Crafty Games' site, which is entirely reasonable: http://www.crafty-games.com/content/update-mistborn-adventure-game

The problem, it seems, is that there's too much content. Not a bad problem to have. In fact, we do still get something nifty on Tuesday the 22nd--an 150 page novella titled A House of Ashes comes out, and better yet, it's totally free. I'll let Crafty talk about it:

To sate your appetite for new Mistborn material, this Tuesday, November 22, will see the release of a free 150-page digital novella entitled A House of Ashes. Written by some of gaming’s hottest authors, this book presents new characters, secrets, and spins on the Final Empire you think you know, and forges a new story that continues in the Mistborn Adventure Game. Indeed, this novella was originally slated to appear in the book but as we’ve simply ran out of room, and so we’re passing it along to all of you at absolutely no cost. We hope you enjoy this new trip through Scadrial.

To be honest, I'm just excited to see more of Mistborn. I can wait a few more weeks, especially when I have 150 pages of (hopefully) awesome to enjoy.

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