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Cosmere All Spoilers - A Questions About The Way of Kings


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I am currently re-reading The Way of Kings and I am coming across Interlude-3 (pages 176-178, Hardback, specifically). In here, "Dustmother" and "Bavland" are used, which sparked my mind about something. While I looked up Dustmother on the Coppermind, it is said to reference Chemoarish, who is said to be a spren of Odium. But what if Chemoarish is Autonomy, an Avatar of Autonomy? We know that Autonomy have many avatars, meddles in other worlds, Autonomy's Vessel is Bavadin, is connected to sand or dust Investiture, has had an tenuous alliance of some kind with Odium, and that Chemoarish is based off of Kamōš, an ancient Semitic god. The thing that ties this all together for me is that the name of Kamōš could mean "conqueror", "subduer", "to submit to an overlord or to a deity", "to bend," or "to crush." These are all ideas that are, in my opinion, related to Autonomy.

What do you all think?

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I don't believe that just becaue Chemoarish was/is an Unmade makes it impossible for her to be an avatar. I didn't find the name being Semitic as unusual, but the meaning behind it could be related to Autonomy.

We also know that Bavland is close to the Horneater Peaks and that the peaks have a Perpendicularity, which Worldhoppers use to come and go within Roshar.

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