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The Lullabies of Change and Stasis

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I've only read Mistborn Era 1, but I am heavily invested into the concept of Scadrial's gods. The Nowhere King's song from Centaurworld (which I am currently watching) inspired me to make renditions that center around AU interpretations of Ruin and Preservation. The AU uses these concepts:

  • Ruin and Preservation being two main figures of the Steel Ministry religion. I imagine the Lord Ruler's role would be similar to Jesus, Islamic prophets, or Hindu avatars. I also imagine the gods' manipulations would be even greater. Ruin could breed serial killers and more rebellions, or Preservation could implant more explicit preparations.
  • Mistborn's plot is more akin to epic fantasy, with the war between the gods encompassing more of Scadrial's history and cultures.


There are a few more alterations. For these Lullabies, imagine Ruin as the power of entropy, inevitable decay/death, and change. He still wants to ensure the inevitable death of the Universe's things, but also wants to push people to constantly embrace uncertainty and change. The AU interpretation is just as intelligent as canon Ruin, if not more, but he "understands" emotions such as love. Preservation is more or less the same as canon.

I imagine these Lullabies would be sung by people who worship them, or have been touched by their influence or magic. Ruin's Lullaby could be sung by Inquisitors like Marsh, the koloss, and kandra that AU Ruin would subtly turn insane. Preservation's Lullaby is sung by Rashek and loyal kandra.


Lullaby of the Changing Tides

Hush now
Rest all you little ones
Walk now
Into the middle of glory
Singing and laughter will shine
Changing stars
Follow the Decaying King
When his bargain comes
Our time is nigh

Crawl to the in-between.
Silent, secretive feeling of
Fearsome hatred of a soul wasting its time
You will bring joy to the Decaying King
When he sees the light leaving your eyes


Lullaby of the Perfect Note  

Hush now
Hold all you little ones
Stand now
Into the middle of beauty
Despair and aging will die
Painless sleep
Follows the Calming King
When his stasis comes
Our time is abroad

Stay from the in-between.
Silent, smothering feeling of
Loving kindness that reaches the stars
You will bring joy to the Calming King
When he sees the light stay in your eyes

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On 3/12/2023 at 6:15 PM, Werewolff Studios said:

This is really cool! Really like the 'bargain and stasis' lines especially.

Awesome to hear you're Invested in the other series as well! Would be cool to see your take on some other cosmere characters/ divine beings as you progress through the books. 

Great stuff ^_^

Thank you so much! I'll be sure to share my takes on other Cosmere characters in the future! :lol:

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