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Fanfic - When You're With Me, I Can Soar


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Rated Teen, 3000 words, Lyn/Laran

Summary: Lyn just broke up with her boyfriend a couple weeks ago. Laran has caught her eye, but is it too soon? To be respectful to her ex’s feelings, Lyn decides to wait a while, but it’s difficult when Laran looks at her Like That…



Lyn held her bowl to her lips, soaking up the warmth of her breakfast and the conversation around her. She listened with an anxious ear, waiting for someone to mention Kaladin. Despite her recent breakup with him, so far the other Windrunners weren’t treating her any differently. If anything, they were giving her a respectful distance. Still, she worried.

Laran sat down directly beside her, so close that their hips touched. “They’ll give you a spoon if you ask nicely,” she teased.

“Shuddup,” Lyn mouthed around her food. She bumped Laran with her elbow and jutted her chin towards Rlain, who was in the middle of teaching some new recruits about listener customs. He made a habit of educating, hoping to spread tolerance and understanding. Lyn admired it. Besides, this morning he was talking about taking forms, and she loved to see people squirm when he taught them about mateform.

“Mateform's heat can be intense, and mates have eyes for just each other,” he was saying. "Cold and dripping from the rain, are good excuses to undress…" Suddenly Lyn was picturing Laran, soaked to the bone from highstorm rains, with all her attention focused solely on Lyn. She fumbled her bowl, and Rlain glanced at her.

“Oh! I am sorry there, Lyn. I can change what I'm talking about,” he said, changing to a gentle, singsong rhythm. “I don’t want to reopen a wound.”

Little did they know Lyn wasn't the one with the wound. “No, it’s okay, Rlain! Go ahead! I’m enjoying your lesson,” she said, and Rlain nodded, then turned away again to focus on the new recruits.

Laran clucked her tongue and leaned in close. “Drinking your breakfast straight from the bowl. Listening to a talk about mateform without even having the decency to look ashamed,” she joked, low and soft in Lyn’s ear. “You are Alethi, right? You’re not a listener in disguise?”

Lyn giggled. She turned her head fully towards Laran, who tilted her ear down. “Of course I’m Alethi,” Lyn whispered back. “But if I don’t have a boyfriend to talk about mateform with, who else can I talk to?”

Laran rolled her eyes towards Renarin, sitting quietly beside Rlain. “Well, I think Rlain’s taken,” she whispered back, and Lyn could feel the curve of her smile against her ear.

Lyn glanced up at Laran, the firelight reflecting off her eyes like the joined spanreed to her own eyes, passing on a message that wrote itself on her heart. And other places. Lyn smiled, then looked away, trying to smother her feelings.

Keep reading (link to ao3)

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