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The Pen of Waxiliam Ladrian


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I am a hobbyist who makes many different things (contact me if you want to buy some stuff :). And one of the things I make is pens. I buy pen kits online and then make a piece of wood or resin that fits the kit. I found a pen kit that is perfect for Wax. On Scadrial, I could totally see him using this pen in his everyday life as a Representative of the People. A pic of it is attached at the end.

It has a bullet at the tip of the pen which I think is perfect for him. In TLM, he talked about how he carries a gun in the Senate partly to lean into his reputation as a Rough's Lawman. I could totally see him using a pen made from a bullet with personal significance to him. He would love to have a tool from his old life incorporated into the politics and law-making of his new life. 

The ones I could buy are unfortunately not made of aluminum, but Wax would have nearly the whole thing be, made of aluminum. The bolt action would be made of a pushable metal so that he could open and close his pen with his steel pushes. The far end of the bolt hole is rounded so a single strong push would shove the bolt up and around that round section, then an aluminum spring in the bullet end of the pen would push it back to rest in the opposite position it started in. I could see him having this mechanism be implemented similarly to the pin in Vindication, where only he can use it. Still, I also think he would be super keen on handing this piece around and making other people sign documents with it so a visible bolt anyone can activate makes more sense to me. 

The wood would be either from a tree that only grows in the Roughs or from the wood used in his house or something. (My family renovated our kitchen a while ago and I have made several pens from the wood that was at one point the floor of our kitchen. He has had houses blown up and rebuilt and all kinds of stuff we probably haven't seen. So I'm sure there would be lots to work with :) I can see him wanting some of his new life built into the art section of the pen, besides just the function part of the pen (sorry I know this section says no Cosmere spoilers and that isn't a reference to Mistborn but some people will get it.) Basically, since the functional part of this piece is of his new life and all the surrounding bits (the bolt action method and the bullet tip and even the wood) are art that embellishes the functionality of a simple pen tip and ink cartridge. So If he wanted all of the art of this pen to be Rough's themed, we would use a Rough's wood to make it. But if he wanted his new life to be involved in the function AND art of the pen, he might use a city wood with some personal significance. 


TL;DR, Wax is a badass who now spends most of his time writing laws and being a politician so he needs to have a pen that reflects this duality inside him. The attached image shows a pen that I think does this really well. I could totally see Waxilliam using this pen right before and after the events that take place in TLM as his daily-use work-horse pen. 


Waxiliam Ladrian's Pen.png

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