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Twinsoul Cameo in Oathbringer?

Brightlord Beezus

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1 minute ago, Brightlord Beezus said:

Noticed in the OB interlude involving Mem and Mraize that Mraize asks Mem if he got the aether out of his garments. Makes me have a little fun theorizing that Mraize might’ve visited Scadrial and interacted with Twinsoul, thereby getting the aether stain. Just a fun thought. 

TLM spoilers are not allowed in this forum. You can post it in the "new cosmere" forum.

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I moved this to the New Cosmere board. 

You can check these out (as well as the Code of Conduct), which should answer your question: 

Indeed, all content from the book is considered a spoiler and must go in the correct spot so people who have not read the new texts have a safe experience on the site.

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